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Origins of the Phrase Wormtown

I received the following in email figured I would share.

Wormtown has been co-opted by city "leaders" and other assorted no-nothings as a derogatory mark against Worcester, which is far from the truth. Coined by WCUW dj L.B. Worm some twenty years ago, Wormtown was actually the flag the music underground rallied under. A lovely little kingdom where the kids were allright, it was ok to be different, and original thought was abundant. It was a group that, unlike the majority of the Worcester citizenship, were happy to do things for themselves.

The Wormtown movement eventually toppled the tired southern rock, cover-scene format that ruled the local roost. It was a very positive time, and both WCUW and WICN prospered as a result. WDOA is a direct result of Wormtown. The Worcester Phoenix, at least the arts folk, gladly call themselves Wormtowners,as does the T&G's Scott McClennen. Why be anything less then the best. Vincent's, arguably the cities hottest night spot is 100% Wormtown, having taken the title from Ralph's, the eighties most popular hang. Again,there success is directly tied to the Wormtown movement.

Wormtown was NEVER meant to be another name for the city. Frankly, a city this misguided (city hall) and complacent (the people) hasn't yet earned the right to wear this moniker.

This is not an official page of the city of Worcester. The views contained within this site is not from any official or funded by the city in anyway.

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