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Books and Films That Mention Worcester

These are books which mention Worcester in them, and aren't really about the city directly. For some reason, it's always pretty unflattering. It's really not that bad a city!

3000 Degrees
The story of the warehouse fire in Worcester, MA. six firefighters were killed.
All Souls
The author mentions coming out to Worcester from Southie to stay at his aunt's house in Worcester
Dawsons Creek
Filmed an episode in Worcester, Mass at a concert.
The Departed
Leo DiCaprio and his cousins characters are driving around selling drugs and mention that they were told not be selling near Worcester (which is odd because a Boston Police cruiser can be seen in this shot). In the movie the gov. of Ma. was played by life long resident Thomas Duffy. Who was also a consultant, because of his experience as a Massachusetts State Police officer.
Eleni by Nicholas Gage
The second part of the autobiography by Nick Gage takes place in Worcester.
Ethan Frome
In the novel, Ethan goes out to Worcester to do some business. He also went to college in Worcester for a little while.
The Geography of Nowhere
An urban planning book demonstrates the destruction of good urban settings in the 1960's and 1970's, highlighting Worcester's misguided attempt at urban development which destroyed the fabric of neighborhoods. It also demonstrates successful work in this area all around the country. A must-read for decision-makers in charge of urban planning.
George M! (musical)
In this 1968 musical review of George M. Cohan's Broadway career, his second wife Agnes Nolan introduces herself to him (and the audience) with the line "I'm from Worcester, Mass. My folks once met your folks." Later in the show she is recalled by Cohan simply as "Worcester, Mass."
Ice Princess
Zoey Bloch plays skater from Worcester,MA
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
The story of the brutal murder of a farming family in Kansas in the 1950s. One of the murderers, while wandering loose through the country, stops briefly in Worcester. He hangs around the bus station a day or so and leaves. Capote describes it as a depressing, unfriendly blue-collar town.
The Iron Major
Movie with an opening scene at the Civil War Monument on the Worcester Common. It's a true story football movie with a cast that included Pat O'Brien, Ruth Warrick, Robert Ryan, Leon Ames.
Johnny Tremain
Mentions one of the riders coming out as far as Worcester.
The Kidnaping Of Betty Davis
This was a film made in Worcester about 1950. Ads were put in newspaper asking, do you want your child in the movies. For a small fee your child could have a one speaking line in the movie. Ability to pay more, gave you more lines. Film was made around the grounds of Worcester Poly Tech and Elm Park area. It had a one day showing at the Capitol theatre with the house full of us so-called actors and familys. Talk about early star search in the 50's. If you could ever find a copy of this movie it would show you a lot about Worcester and it's stars. Thanks to Neil H. Donahue for the description.
The Langoliers by Stephen King
One of the main characters (the young girl, "Bethany"?) says she is going to visit her Aunt who lives in Worcester, Mass.
Love Warps The Mind: A Litte
by John Dufresne. Read it a while ago and I just remember that it took place in Worcester.
In one episode, Maude makes refrence to her husband about being stuck in the John Smith motel room in Worcester, Mass
Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) answers the door and sheriff (Richard Farnsworth) asks her questions about author Paul Sheldon (James Caan). She states Paul Sheldon was born in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Saturday Night Live
In a episode hosted by Jon Bon Jovi a few years ago, Amy Pohler (who herself is from Burlington, MA) recalls seeing Bon Jovi at the "Wistah Centrum" in 1986.
Space by James Michener
One of the main characters was born and raised in Worcester. The novel spends a lot of time in Worcester, mostly due to the contribution of Worcester industries to the space program. I'm told Michner has used Worcester in other books, anyone know for sure?
Stanley's House
Film about the boyhood home of Stanley J. Kunitz, Pulitzer prize winner former US Poet Laureate, on Vernon Hill. Told through the eyes of filmmaker, Tobe Carey, who grew up in the same house, thirty-years later. Many scenes were shot around Woodford St., and downtown Worcester. Many of Kunitz'z best-known works are about growing up in Worcester.
TV series Fringe
In an episode on Fox`s Fringe, the setting is Worcester, Mass.,although the aerial shots show another city`s skyline and in a chase scene shows bridges and waterways that are not Worcester. Only factual content is the mention of Mill street during said chase scene.
The The Book of Daniel by E.L. Doctorow
Book opens in Worcester.
The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas
Book opens with a letter written from the Standish Hotel in Worcester.
One of the first season episodes takes place in Worcester at a mental health facility. While some of the places mentioned do exist, none of them resemble those pictured in the show. The eighth season, episode entitled "Surekill" is based in Worcester. The episode featured a marksman with X-Ray vision killing people and oddly, two exterminators are involved. They clearly don't film on location since the police station looked like something straight out of Boston. They do get the town named pronounced correctly.
You Can Count On Me
The good-for-nothing brother is living in Worcester with his girlfriend. There are a few scenes of the film taking place in Worcester, but since they are mostly inside an apartment, they are not very revealing. However I seem to remember the atmosphere was sort of depressing.

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