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Famous People Who Once Lived in Worcester

This is just a brief list of people who once lived in the area.

Abbie Hoffman
The famous radical of the 60s came from Worcester.
Alan Perlman
Invented the Arp Synthesizer, one of the pioneers in electronic music.
Albert Abraham Michelson
He was the first American to recieve the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1907 For the Michelson-Morley experiment. The need for the 'ether', for which light was to use as a medium to move through space, was disproved. He was a professor physics at Clark.
Alicia Witt
Check out her IMDB entry, she's been on Ally McBeal and the Sopranos most recently.
Alisan Porter
Movie and TV actress. She was title character in "Curly-Sue" with Jim Belushi. Daughter of Rick Porter (Zonkeraz, etc.)
Allan Steele
Science-fiction author. Check for "Lunar Descent" and a few other books. He wrote columns for the Worcester Mag before moving elsewhere and pursuing a career writing novels and short stories, and has recently moved back to the area.
Alva 'Al' Javery (beartracks)
Pitcher for the Boston Braves 1940-1946. Born in Worcester Ma.1918 on June 5th.
Amos Webber
One of the very few working-class African-Americans to leave an account of his life and times, nearly four decades of which were spent in Worcester. Fought with the 5th Cavalry in the Civil War, distinguished Odd Fellow and civil rights activists, died in 1904.
Andrea Ajemian
Movies, "Still Green" "Freedom Park" "Rutland, USA". Television shows, "Star Trek, New Voyagers" "Waterfront". Born in Worcester and grew up in Rutland. She is currently producer of her own independent production company in Worcester.
Anthony Molinari
Was born in Worcester and lived here 17 years. He is a stuntman in Hollywood
Arthur Kennedy
Actor (Lawrence of Arabia, etc.) He won a Tony Award for "Death of a Salesman" and was nominated for an Academy Award five times ("Champion," "Bright Victory," "Trial," "Peyton Place," and "Some Came Running")
Barbara Carroll
World famous jazz pianist, still playing in New York City. When living in Worcester, she was Barbara Coppersmith.
Bethany Veney
Former slave from Virginia. Better known as "Aunt Betty" lived until age 103.
Bill Guerin
Future NHL Hall-of-Famer, Bill Guerin was born in Worcester. He played for the United States Olympic Hockey team in 2006, been in the All-Star game 5 times, awarded the All-Star MVP once, and has registered a Stanley Cup in 1995 with the New Jersey Devils
Bob Cousy
Point guard for the Boston Celtics in the 1950's. Also known as the "Houdini of the Hardwood". Not born in Worcester, but currently resides here.
Brett Delbuono
Used to act at PASOW. Was in Balls of Fury and in the A&E show "The Cleaners"
Cedric Ball
Former NBA player. Played for the L.A. Clippers for a bit. Also played overseas. Attended South High
Christina Sullivan (Roughan)
Christina lived in South Worcester for 20 years before moving to NYC. She is now a world acclaimed Interior designer of her own firm Tocar Interior Design. She attended St.Mary's High School.
Christopher Titus
Television shows Titus and Big Shots lived in Worcester.
Cole Porter
Famous song writer was a student at Worcester Academy during the 1920s.
Dan Smith
Young comedian, actor, writer, producer. Now lives in CA. check out his website
Denis Leary
He lived in Worcester in his early childhood, and then moved to the Boston area in his later teen years.
Diane And Elaine Klimaszewski
The Coors Twins were both born in Worcester.
Dick Volker
Born & raised in Worcester. Wrote & emceed "Teenstyle" on WWOR-TV in the erly fifties. A South High School graduate, Mr. Volker is an member of Actors Equity, and has enjoyed a lengthy career in radio, TV, and the legitimate stage.
Don Asher
Well-known author and jazz pianist, born and raised in Worcester. Two of his books deal with his life in Worcester before moving to San Francisco.
Don Fagerquist
Great Jazz Trumpet Player. Born in Woo 1927, died in Cal, 1974. Lead soloist w/ Gene Krupa, Woody Herman, Artie Shaw, Les Brown among others.
Doug Stanhope
Stand up comedian,host of the last 22 episodes of "The Man Show"
Ed Shapiro
Ed (Eddie) Shapiro, Worcester Boxing promoter, manager of Worcester boxing champion, Leo Sawicki, trainer of 1928 Olympics boxing champion from Worcester, Harry DeVine, lived in Worcester 1930-1950, and then changed directions and became a reform rabbi in upstate New York. He is the author of PEDDLERS OF FLESH, expose of the 'rackets', early 1900s, Worcester. His daughter, CZ Cameron, born in Worcester, is the author of Redemption at Ringside, based on her father's life.
Eddie Mekka
Was on Laverne and Shirley, has done other stuff since then...
Eddie Mekka
Carmine - The Big Ragu (Laverne & Shirley) Born: June 14, 1952 Worcester, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Bishop
Emil Haddad
Played trumpet with other great performers for 60 years and has many CDs out. He passed away two years ago.
Emma Goldman
Anarchist who lived on Providence street.
Erik Per Sullivan
Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle was born on July 12, 1991 in Worcester, Mass
Esther Forbes
Pulitzer Prize winner author of Paul Revere and the World He Lived In, and Johnny Tremaine (made into a Disney film)
Frances Perkins
Secretary of Labor under FDR in the 1930s-1940s. She was the first female appointed to a cabinet position on the federal level.
Frank Carroll
Famous figure skating champ and coach to among others, Michelle Kwan.
Frankie Capp
Famous jazz drummer and big band leader in LA. Born Frank Cappucio, 8/20/31 in Worcester. Has played with Stan Kenton, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, and still is active in California. Appears on many recordings.
Future Joyner
Popular HipHop Artist & Producer was born & raised in the main south area. Some say he still has a home in Worcester county somewhere.
George Kennedy
Actor. Starred in movies such as Cool Hand Luke, Airport.
George Morgan
The first Father Mulcahy in the pilot of the longest running show in television history, M*A*S*H
Georgia Gibbs
"Her nibs, Miss Georgia Gibbs," was born in Worcester and was a widely known singer in the '40's and '50's.
H. Jon Benjamin
Born in Worcester,Ma-may 23,1966.Comedian and actor known mostly for his extensive voice acting.
Harvey Ball
Creator of the Smiley Face - Created it for a promotion commissioned by a Worcester Bank in the late 60's early 70's..
Helen Walker
Broadway star and movie actress in the 40's,50's,60's.
Irene Zieler
Television and movie star
Jack "The Shot" Foley
Played on the Celtics.
Jack Barry
Lived on Perry Ave during his years playing and managing for the Boston Red Sox between 1915-1919. He died in Shrewsbury, MA.
Jaki Byard
Jazz pianist
Jarrett J. Krosoczka
He has published several childrens books, (Bubble Bath Pirates) is one of his books.
Jerry Azumah
Played football for (NFL) chicago bears went to Saint Peter Marian High school and played for Worcester Vikings Pop warner
Jerry Newby
Actor in movies (Gentle Giant, Once Upon a Coffee House)and TV (Flipper). He teaches acting in Worcester.
Joanna Connor
Lead singer and guitarist for the Joanna Connor Band grew up in Worcester.
Joe De Rita
Four decades of acting in movies and television. Born and recently died in Worcester he's not to be confused with the Three Stooges, Joe Derita.
John Adams
Signer of the Declaration of Independence and and 2nd President of the USA taught school in Worcester for a few years as a young man.
John Adams
Composer of NIXON IN CHINA and many other modern works was born in Worcester
John Dufresne
Grew up in Worcester and then moved south. Author of "Louisiana Power & Light," "Love Warps The Mind A Little" and "Deep In The Shade of Paradise." Teaches at Florida International University.
John Lurie
Musician, actor
John Michael Hayes
Screenwriter for several Hitchcock films including To Catch a Thief and Rear Window
Joseph Aboody
Joe Aboody went to Hollywood in the 40's and 50's to become an actor. He was an extra in the audience boxing scene in the 1952 movie "The Turning Point". William Holden (star of the movie) was good friends with Joe Aboody (El Morocco fame) and got him this extra job.
Ken Doane
WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra
Kymberly Kalil
she's an actress and is part of the aboody clan. she was in a seinfeld episode. she is married to big time actor william fichtner of many movies and the tv show prison break.
Lewis Stone
Born in Worcester and fought in the Spanish-Civil war, he was an actor for five decades.
Major Taylor
He was an african-american world cyclist from Worcester, Mass in the early 1900's. He set a world speed record, and was the first african-american to become a sports figure in a major american popular sport. His story is told in his 1928 autobiorgaphy, "The Fastest Bicycle Rider In The World" and in a 1988 biography, "Major Taylor, The Extraordinary Career Of A Champion Bicycle Racer" by Andrew Ritchie.
Marcia Cross
Big star on Desperate Housewives and movies, was born in Marlboro, Mass and lived in Worcester for a short time.
Mark "The Bird" Fidrych
Was born in Worcester and lives in Northboro currently. He was a Major League Baseball player for the Detroit Tigers from 1976-1980.
Matt Scannell
Matt is a founding member, guitarist and lead singer of the band Vertical Horizon. He has written and recorded several top 40 hits including "Everything You Want" and "You're a God" (used in the movie Bruce Almighty). Matt grew up in Worcester's west side near Flagg Street School, which he attended through the sixth grade. He spent his junior high and high school years at Bancroft School.
Meredith Vieira
Began her career as an announcer for radio station WORC in 1975.
Nicholas Gage
Author of books including Eleni, executive producer of The Godfather part 3, prize winning New York Times Journalist.
Nora Marlowe
Nora Marlowe was a graduate of St. Peter's high school around 1933. She was Mrs Brimmer on the television show the Walton's.
Patrick Renna
Actor from the Sandlot. Born in Boston, lived in Worcester for a couple of years as a child.
Peter Pastorelli
lived near tatnuck square until he was 19-became production manager and line producer on such movies as bad lt - elvis meets nixon- and others
Ramon Tonelli
ACTOR (television-dark shadows)movies(stand-in),commercials (hertz- puts drivers in there seats)singer(own cds),operas in the 50's in new england,painter(murals) invented touchcolor for the blind, was legally blind himself. he past away two years ago.
Rich Gedman
One-time All-Star Red Sox catcher
Richard Pinto
Producer, writer, actor, was born in Worcester and grew up on Shrewsbury St and Grafton Hill.
Rick Eid
Writer and producer for Law & Order
Rita Johnson
Rita grew up in Worcester. She became a Hollywood actress. She starred in "My Friend Flicka" among several other movies
Robert Benchley
Humorist, film actor and member of the Algonquin set
Robert Goddard
The father of modern rocketry was born and lived in Worcester, and taught at Clark University. He launched his first rockets in Auburn, Mass (until the residents complained about the noise scaring the cows). He also launched rockets in Crompton Park on Cambridge St. After this, he moved to Roswell, New Mexico to complete his work, which is where his museum is.
Roger Salloom
Recorded the song "Gotta Get Out Of Worcester" on Blueberry Record label 45rpm. Sang at MidHeaven Restaurant which later became the Acapulco Reataurant.
Ron Darling
St. John's High graduate and NY Mets and Oakland A's player
Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell lived in Worcester for a short time and did stand up comedy with Dennis Leary.
S.H. Behrman
Author, part of the The New Yorker Algonquin set was a native Worcesterite.
Sam Seder
TV actor, director, writer. Radio host of two shows on Air America. Grew up in Worcester, on the West Side.
Samuel Fuller
Stanley Kunitz
Born & raised in Worcester he's the recipient of both the Pulitzer and Bollingen prizes. In 1993, the National Medal of Arts was presented to him by President Clinton at the White House. Worcester is mentioned in the poem "My Mother's Pears".
Tanyon Sturtze
Born in Worcester and a pitcher for many major league teams
Tim Lahey
Pitcher for Philadelphia Phillies was born in Worcester.
Tony Randall
Actor famous for TV's Odd Couple and many movies lived in Worcester and worked at the WTAG radio station.
Tracy Chapman
I've been told Tracy Chapman lived in Worcester for a while, though I'm not sure if it was of any substantial length.
Wendell Culley
Jazz Trumpeter
William Taylor
Longtime singer, musician, actor in the movie "Zombies of Mora Tau". Lives in Worcester now and is involve with foothills theater. best friends with actor Jerry Newby.
Zara Cully
Shed played Mother Jefferson on "The Jeffersons".

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