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Why I Like Central Mass

This page is for everyone to express what they like about living in Central, Mass.

The cost of living is less here than Boston, and you still get the benefit of living close enough to most jobs in the area
Comment by: ChuckyG
It's an hour or so to an ocean or a mountain, and any major league sports team you can think of.
Comment by: ChuckyG
Location! Location! Location! We are in the middle of it all! One diretion leads you to mountains, another to the country and yet another leads you to the ocean! Who could ask for anything else. As for peeople who think we are rude.... try New York if you think we are rude. People in Central Mass are awesome!
Comment by: Anne
I Love it in Worcester there is a great mall and there are lots of fun things to do like going roller skating at Skylight Skating Ring I really ReaLLY LOVE WORCESTER iTIS AWESOME!
Comment by: samantha
I live in Boylston which neighbors worcester. Central mass is great because its only 1 hour from great beaches like Hampton. The worcester centrum is also great because its smaller than the fleetcenter so u are closer to your favorite band, or sporting even then at other venues. there are also awesome Baseball fields in Worcester, Tivnan field and Foley stadium are just a couple. Also, we are only 1 hour away from the beach and about 40 Mins from Mt.Wachusett.
Comment by: Matt
I love Worcester because it has a TON of history. Something to be proud of!!
Comment by: Lisa
I've lived in Worcester since I was 6-7 years old, and I really enjoy everything you can do. There are a ton of parks, and pools, and malls, and more.
Comment by: Kimbley
I recently moved to VA from MA and miss some of Central Mass' quirks! If you honk your horn down south you're saying "Howdy!", If you honk your horn in Mass you're saying "Bite Me!" Also, I miss calling the grocery store cart a "carriage", here it is a "buggy". What the hell is a buggy? And I still call it a bubbla because a water fountain is a landscape display, not a drinking device! Trying to convert the rednecks, Kristy
Comment by: Kristy
i was born in worcester and i love it. its in a great location we have a profesional hokey team. we're easy to locate......i could go on for days..............
Comment by: Anthony
I agree with Anne in Location !!! My home in West Millbury (south of Worcester), while far enough away to have a great sound barrier from traffic, is less than 5 minutes to Routes 395/290, 12, 20, and less than 10 minutes to 146, the Pike, ... did I forget any? Another is Landscape: up in the hills (we're 800+ feet up I believe?) we have great views of Worcester and wonderful seasonal scenery with tree-covered roads in spring and very colorful hills in the fall. Rural roads rock ('cept in winter)!
Comment by: Matthew
Worcester is the illest! I rant about it at times (I hate the traffic at times) but I'm NEVER leaving! Staying here...forever! Born and raised and to die!
Comment by: TaNa
I'm an aspiring rapper and I rep Worcester til I die. When I rhyme I know I get the street credit I deserve being a Portuguese man from Wo-town. And growin up in the Village gave me a lot to rhyme about. Knowhatimsayin. Hot Dog Annies and all that
Comment by: Nellyskeemz
Robert Goddard is my hero.
Comment by: Tony
If you have ever lived anywhere else...ENOUGH SAID !!!!!
Comment by: Darrel Prescott
Every town has several bars all within walking distance of wherever you live (unless you're in Charlton).
Comment by: Michael
I love Worcester and Central Massachusetts due to it's prime location. City amenities with good state parks, hiking and cultural activities within minutes. Worcester is not Boston, nor can it be, nor should it try to be. Worcester is Worcester and being itself is plenty enough.
Comment by: Deb
I love worcester, its a great location like everyone hour to the beach an hour to the mountain, we have six flags amusement park an hour away, state parks close by, every professional sport with in an hours driving as long as you don't hit traffic, and in the summer time summer nationals right at crown plaza its ridiculous
Comment by: steph
I will always remember the regatta races at Lake Quinsigamond especially one time when the Worcester County Mental Asylum was referred to as Holy Cross College.
Comment by: Marjorie (Deyo) Marien
One reason I enjoy central Mass and Worcester is Candlepin Bowling.Worcester Mass is the birthplace of a game over 100 years old that's still going strong.Candlepins has 2 television shows that can be seen every weekend on ch3 out or Worcester & Boston's ch56.......You can go over to Mill St. in Worc and roll a few games at the Colonial Lanes.There are still a few guy's that represent Central Mass & Worcester County by competing for money in various events held around New England & Canada......I've always enjoyed my trip down Stafford St. and the nice view of the city.The Skylite Rollerskate Rink was my home over 20 years ago and that too still goes strong today.I now bring my kids there on occasions.....Anyone looking for entertainment should go visit both these places,you'll enjoy all the family fun you can handle.Central Mass Rocks......Take care,Steve
Comment by: Steve Renaud
Although marriage took me away from Worcester 40 years ago, my heart and identity are still there. Out here in the wider world, when I hear somebody is from "Worcestermass," there's a guaranteed hour of reminiscing about everything from Cony Island foot-long hot dogs to the old Rialto theater. It's hard to put your finger on just what it is about Worcester, but whatever it is, it's forever.Thanks for this great Web site.
Comment by: Judy
I was born and raised in Worcester and always couldn't wait to move out of here when I got older. As soon as I experienced what it was like to live elsewhere I couldn't wait to go back home! If I can't go to a diner and get breakfast at any hour I choose (Boulevard,Kenmore!) I'm just not happy. If I can't go to a great deli for sandwich meat and then to a bakery right across the street for fresh bulkies, I simply feel like a fish out of water (Tom's Deli, Widoff's!). As soon as I was away from Worcester for more than a week I figured out just how proud I am to be from and just how great it is. I could go on for hours about all the culture and history within our city that makes it so special. Worcester is a big city with in some ways, a small-town feel. Whether you grew up on Grafton Hill, Main South, or the West Side, you know that our city has something special about it like no other place around.
Comment by: Alysha

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