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Worcester Warehouse Fire of December 3, 1999

This page is for for messages of condolence for the firefighters of the 1999 Warehouse fire that took 6 lives.

More information on the fire can be obtained at:

I also have a page about old Worcester Fire Stations and more.

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Photos By Neil H. Donahue

On behalf of all of the Members of J.W. Edmonds Hose Co. #1, of Hudson, New York, and their families, I would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of the 6 fallen Firemen. We would also like to sincerest sympathy to the Brother Firemen of the fallen heros, who are now engaged in the hardest job of their lives, searching for their comrades, and knowing what the eventual outcome of their toil will bring. With deepest sympathy, Firematically yours, Timothy J. Mullins Secretary J.W. Edmonds Hose Co. #1 P.O. Box 631 Hudson, New York 12534 The Oldest Volunteer Company In New York State
Comment by: Timothy J. Mullins
Dear People, I work for a small public relations agency in New York city. We are an unusual organization in that over 90% of the staff are of Irish descent. We understand that the same could be said of the firefighting community. However, I know I speak for all members of our company when I say that we are deeply saddened by the untimely deaths of the six brave men lost in the recent warehouse fire. Our hearts go out to their families for the grief they must endure as Christmas approaches--we bow our heads in prayful thoughts for them and wish them every comfort. On a practical note, our CEO has decided that in lieu of sending greeting cards to all our clients and associates, we would very much like to send a donation to whatever special fund has been set up for the families of the men. Can you please let me know where we should send the check? Again, our deep condolences are expressed to the firefighters'families and their brethren officers. God bless you all and keep you safe. Sincerely, Aine Ray-Jones Account Executive Donley Communications Corporation
Comment by: Aine Ray-Jones
December 10,1999 To Whom It May Concern: My 15 year old son, who is a junior fireman in York Beach, ME, attended the memorial service for the 6 firemen that were lost in the fire in your city recently. He has mentioned that he wishes that he could have obtained one of the colored publications that gave the history on each of the firemen but wasn't able to find one before having to leave on the bus to head home. Can you please let me know if it's possible to get one of these publications? Any help you can give me will be appreciated. I'm willing to pay for it if there is a charge. Thank you for your help and our sincerest condolences to the people of your city.
Comment by: Janet Welch
My name is Kelly Johnson and my father is a Captain on the Worcester Fire Dapartment. There really isn't much I can say that hasn't been said a thousand times before, but I would really like to express my feelings about this terrible tragedy. I would also like to thank the citizens of Worcester as well as the rest of the country for lending their support to the Firefighters and our families. I don't think that there is anyone in this city that was not effected by this tragedy. It is so heart-breaking that it took something so horrible like this fire for people, myself included, to truley appreciate what these men do everyday for us. These men are so often overlooked and unappreciated that it amazes me how cheerful and giving they are. Up until now I cannot ever remember going into a fire station with my dad and not seeing ten or fifteen smiling faces looking at me. The love and devotion they give to us is truely remakable. Each day I thank God that He was watching over my father that night, he could have so easily perished in that fire. There isn't much else I can say except thank you to the Firefighters from Worcester and to every Firefighter in the world I give my total respect, addmiration, and love. I love you Daddy.
Comment by: Kelly Johnson
I was completing my applications for my Ph.D. program this past December, and Clark University in Worcester was one of my top choices. I knew nothing of the town and the idea of moving my family (husband, younger brother and daughters) to an area so far from home (Minnesota) was scary at best. The honor these men showed at going into that building to attempt to save people thought of by most of our culture as disposable made my heart soar with pride in humanity. Honor is the hallmark of civilization and if Worcester can produce men so honorable to pay the ultimate price for what is pure and decent then it is the place my family and I will be calling home. Thank you and bless you.
Comment by: Annalyssa Gypsy Helgeland
My heart goes out to the families off the six fire fighters who lost there loved ones in an unnessersary fire. I live in Florida and was very hurt by the news as Worcester is where i grew up.I will continue to pray for those families and i know God will see each and evey one of them through this tragic ordeal.
Comment by: Arlene Maree
As a volunteer firefighter mysel, and son of a paid Deputy Chief I must say what a tragic accident this was. I have been in those places that only the emergency personell would go.My depest and most heart felt sympathies go out to the fellow firefighters and the families of the men that parished doing only what we can love to do. Semper Fi and God Bless.... Is there a place to buy the memorial T shirts printed in these mens honor?
Comment by: Christian S. VanDruff
I am upset that we all lost our fire fighters in the fire. They save people in fire in Worcester,MA. We all love them.
Comment by: Russell schofield
As a nurse I see all kinds of pain and suffering I try to mend all the broken bones and ease as much heartache as possible. I never thought I would hurt so deeply until the day six handsome, brave men lost their lives trying to save others. As December 3rd gets closer this year I smile and remember how much I love my fireman ''friend'' BUTCH and all the firemen in my small town. I hope we all can remember to smile and say thank you when we see a firefighter doing his or her job. All this new year be gratful and HUG A FIREMAN.
Comment by: melinda martin
I want to say that last night (11/2/00) i saw this story on 48 hours and i was so sadden by this. I remember when it happened.. but i didn't know how the fire got started. I watched this story and my heart wanted to drop. For the families may the Lord bless you all, and keep you all strong. He is the God that heals.
Comment by: Ms. Pat Duffus
i am soooooo sad that the 6 firemen died my teacher knew one of them and she was soooooo sad that he died she started crying. it made me sooooooo sad because i loved them to. also i knew them because of my neighbor mark who is a fireman.
Comment by: brianna trafecante
i am so sad because six firemen died. they were real heros for our city. and we are proud to call them ours. it was a sad day for everyone.
Comment by: marlena trafecante
I feel so sad about this tradgedy because I knew one of the firefighters niece . She was my gym teacher. I am only 11 but I cried alot after it happened. Now i moved to shrewsbury and I feel so bad for the familys. One of my best friend's has a father that is a firefighter and he was the next group of men to go in the burning building. My thoughts are with the familys and with the children that lost thier fathers. Alaina former worcester resident.
Comment by: Alaina
It saddens me that we have all lost our brothers to this terrible tragedy. I always keep the Worcester six, and there families in my prayers, and hope and pray that my family and my fellow brothers families will not have to go through this terrible terrible tragedy. My prayers are with them all. God bless the fire fighters
Comment by: Dustin Money
I just want send my simpathy To all the loved ones and friends.I'm on the arundel fire DEpartment and my boyfriend is a firefight.We just wanted to say sorry for the bad traedy. Sincerly Kevin & crystal
Comment by: Crystal Bennett
hi i just wanted to say im so sorry for the tradgedy that happen! it was such an unnessesary awful lost. my heart goes out to the ones that lost the loved ones! may god be with you and your family and bless you all!we have very brave men out there in our home area! we luv you all!
Comment by: MARLENE
I am sorry for all the familys that lost some that they loved!my uncle was one of firerfighters that die and i never got to meet him but alll of you that went into they burning building are hero's in my eyes!well sorry to all. love amanda beringer In memory to Timothy Jackson
Comment by: Amanda Beringer
I was very saddened to hear about the tragedy in Worcester.I live in Austin, Texas, and it was a top new story at the time it happened. I grew up in Worcester, and every time I hear about a tragedy like this happening there, it breaks my heart.
Comment by: Shelley Fitzsimmons
i live in wis and im a firefighter i was born and raised in worcester and grew up there i could not make it back home after the fire it was something i realy wanted but could not do. im just writing to say my thoughts are with those families of our lost heroes.they are always in my mind. is there any way that i can buy a t-shirt of our lost 6 heroes it would mean every thing to me.god bless all firefighters and there families.
Comment by: anthony zannotti
it has been 2 years and we have not forgoten you. You gave your lives for someone.God bless you and your families as we approach 2 years.....
Comment by: stephen c
The six brave men are not forgotten and last year I made the trip back out to the fire site! This year I think there is no better way to honor them, but to work my shift! God bless them and know that your family and friends and brothers are in our thoughts and prayers! Chuck Vinciulla Waltham, Massachusetts Fire Fighter Moody Street Station Engine 1
Comment by: Chuck Vinciulla, Waltham Fire Dept
I myself responded mutual aid to the Worcester warehouse fire on December 3, 1999. It was a tradgic site to see the warehouse engulfed in flames. My best wishes go out from me and the entire Wilbraham Fire Department. Captain,
Comment by: Pete North
im sorry about your loss ,i realy am .julie barnes is my cousin .i feel that it was my fault because i had a argument with her .God bless the families of our fallen heros
Comment by: justine barnes
I live in Connecticut, but work in Worcester. I will never forget that terrible day. When they had the cermony in Worcester for the fallen firefighters we were allowed to leave work and attend the ceremony. Tonight my friend rented a movie to watch and it was "Ladder 49" with John Travolta and Jaoquin Phoenix. It brought back the memories of that day to me. I just want to say just how fortunate I feel knowing that there are such dedicated, fearless men and women who risk their lives to protect ours.
Comment by: Deena L. Weatherwax
It being almost six years, it's hard to move on with the never ending pain in your stomach I received that raw night in December. I'm great friends with Jeremiah Lucey's oldest son, Jeremiah jr, and I can't imagine what it is like to live each day knowing that your father isn't right next to you visually but only in your heart. God Bless the Worcester Six, you deserve to be remembered forever...
Comment by: Jonathan McNamara
I was not related by blood to any of these heroes listed above. Though there is one thing that bonds them and i together. We shared the close weaved bond of being Americas Heroes. With each and every alarm that goes off we find ourselves in situations that most people could never imagine. Evry firefighter at heart is just an everyday guy, except for one thing...courage. God bless those firefighters that were taken from us on december 3rd 1999. Godbless the families of these heroes, and god bless my fellow brothers in the fire service.
Comment by: Jeremy Tuomisto
I am very sad that the firemen had to die because I know a lot of them. It makes me scared to know that they can get hurt badly or die, any day. I know a Worcester fireman who knew the six firemen who died. They were friends and in the same station.
Comment by: Brianna Nicole Trafecante
I recall that Congressman James P McGovern said at the Memorial for these six lost firefighters; "we will remember them on cold dark days and warm muggy days...." meaning that for years to come in any day, month, year we would continue to recall the memory of these six firemen who died in the Warehouse Fire. Today, April 21, 2006, I remember them and let Worcester know this was NEVER in vain.
Comment by: Frank R Albrizio
I realize that I write this note of condolence several years after the event that happened in Worcester. I just came across this webpage in honor of the men that died that day. I want to say that when I read their story, I could feel the pain that it causes to lose a brother in service. My sympathy is with the family, friends, and comrads of the fallen heros. In Christ, Jesse, Firefighter Kentucky
Comment by: Jesse
Its been 6 years?? Why in my mind is it like 6 weeks ago that i was watching the news, noting with some interest that there was a big fire somewhere other than where i was working. Why do i remember when it suddenly got all to real in my mind when the reports came of "some " missing firemen. I remember my heart sinking hearing that brothers were unaccounted for. It was just like it was a month ago when my whole body shivered for their safe return, only to hear there would be no miracle that night. I responded into the city to help dig on the following saturday. Frustrated at not being there sooner, but there none the less. 14 hours later i left, as the last of the men had been located. Tired, saddened but satisfied knowing the waiting was over. Only after i returned to the station to the looks of the guys i work with did what i was part of sink in. I was covered in black from head to toe, it had soaked right through my gear. It was then, after the ceremonies and all had been done, and the last digging complete, that i realized ... i knew these guys. Not by name or sight ( well i knew one, turns out he was a mutual family friend) but i knew them by sharing this experience, and others like it on the job.. maybe thats why it doesnt seem so long ago... They are still here in my head, in my heart. I am still here, still doing the job we all love to do. So maybe thats why it feels so close.. See you all on the roof, im glad you guys got my back.
Comment by: Brian
I feel sorry for this tragedy there.I am nor from Worcester,i am from greece.I know how it feels because on the 30th of July 1993 we lost 13 people who sacrificed their lives in order to rescue aother people.And i am talking about the fire in Ikaria(a small island in Aegean where i come from).God bless the fire fighters and their families. Harry from Athens,Greece
Comment by: Harry
Hi my name is corey patterson im a member of the voulteer FD in a small town in worcester county. I think the worcester six are very honorable for giving up there lives for other people. In a week the seven year memorial servise will be coming up im looking foward to going to it to honor the fallen firemen.
Comment by: Corey Patterson
At this time I am watching the 48 hours story on this tragedy and it is heartbreaking. Buildings like this should be torn down if they cannot be adapted to other uses. This was tragedy in wait after the building had been abandoned. It should have been torn down..
Comment by: Harold Steffee
sorry about those men that night but if it wasn't for the deputy who stood in the doorway and stopped a number of other firefighters from entering the building that night the outcome would have been much worse!
Comment by: paul
May the 6 Brave men rest in peace. Man Hath No Greater Love than to lay his life down for another. Rest In Peace Brothers..
Comment by: Andrew
kathy lyons, I think of you all the time and you and your family are always in my prayers. love karen red cross
Comment by: karen farrington
Americans living on this earth have a rich history of overcoming all things that hinder progress, timidity, Pride, Envy, and all the seven deadly sins. We have the Providence of Almighty God passed on to us by our forebears who left a mark of unselfish living through faith. They lived by that blind faith we can not see, guaranteeing us that City on a Hill that has been reaffirmed in us Americans by such leaders as Governor Winthrop (the first Governor of Massachusetts, and President Ronald Reagan (a former President of these United States). Praise God for people who keep on giving. They will see that City on a Hill.
Comment by: Roger H. Frost
There are precious times when the mind goes for a walk into the past and cherish some of the memories; like Worcester which reminds me of the typical English industrial cities. And it is the Higgins our long time family friends (RIP) that brought us to immigrate to the USA and we are now living in Maryland. Both our daughter and son went to Clark U. in Worcester; one went on to be a medic and son Ben is now an architect practicing in Boston. He entered the Warehouse Fire memorial design competition and his design of the Six Pillars was honored with a third place. I was proud of his sensitivity to clearly and simply define the essence of this heroic moment into concrete reality and elegant dignity. Thank you Mitty and Alice Higgins for introducing us to Worcester.
Comment by: Peter Kou

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Photos By Neil H. Donahue

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