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Getting Around These Towns

This is a brief description of your options for travelling in the Worcester area. It's a little tongue in cheek, but fairly accurate.

Public Transportation
The only real public transportation in the city, they run the buses. Check their website for more info.
Commuter trains now run a couple of times a day between South Station in Boston and Worcester's Union Station.
A ghost-town if there ever was one. A brand new terminal was recently built, but not much flies in and out of there for passenger flights. Massport is taking it over and talking about building a new road to it. It's on top of a fog covered hill with no major highway leading to it, hence it doesn't get too much business use from Boston people.
Major Roads
Route 9
You like sitting in traffic? This route runs all the way to Boston, but your nuts if you take it that far. Route 9 is loaded with a lot of retail businesses. If you need to find something, it's most likely on Route 9. It's also the road you take into Shrewsbury for world famous Spags.
A modern 3 lane divided highway. This is the fastest way to leave the city, unless it's rush-hour. If you need to get on the Mass-Pike or go to Rhode Island You take it south. If you need to go to Boston, you take it to the Pike. If you need to go to I-495 you take it to the east. I-290 is sort of a strange beast in that it runs north-south through most of Worcester and Auburn until it turns into I-395 in Auburn.
You need to go to Fitchburg, this is the road to take. Why go to Fitchburg? They're within 10 miles of the border to New Hampshire, which means the blue laws aren't in effect on Sundays. Otherwise, no one would probably go there. Trust me, I went to college there, there's nothing there!
Route 146
Currently being expanded in order to be the new connector for the Mass Pike and I-290. A big waste of money in my mind since going to Auburn only adds 5 minutes to a trip to Boston and saves no time for a trip into Springfield or points west of Worcester.
Mass Pike
The toll road to Boston. It is rumoured the guy behind the design hated the officials in Worcester, so he made it go through Auburn instead. Of course when I look at it, I think he hated the people in Auburn far more than those in Worcester. Either way, it's the best maintained road in the state, it doesn't cost too much, and it's the quickest way to Boston or to Albany.

This is not an official page of the city of Worcester. The views contained within this site is not from any official or funded by the city in anyway.

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