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Worcester,Mass - Places of the Past, Union Station
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Christine Howe - Report this comment
When I was 5 years old, I went with my big sister to pick my brother-in-law up as he had come into Worcester on a train from Chicago at the end of WW 2. It was the first time she had seen him for quite some time. Another memorable moment. Union Station from my perspective at that time was just like a fantasy might have been. The marble and all the polished brass, the shoe shine stands, tabacco stands, and the rest, it was just wonderful!! Thank you so much for taking such an interest in some of our past history. I have lots memories, most of them pleasant with the exception of the tornado.
Elly Cromwick Kelly - Report this comment
Boy, was I surprised to read about the restoration in the WPI Jornal last night, I had no idea. I, like you remember the desolation period of Union Station and driving under the overpass and thinking, I wish they would renovate this especially after seeing Union Station in DC. I am very proud, and yes homesick. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see it. I grew up on June St. (Any Pictures?) and went to WPI. Now in Washington DC. Thanks again
Ed O'Connell - Report this comment
Do I remember Union Station! When I was discharged from the Navy in 1946 I landed at Union Station. I had a sea bag and a Japanese rifle sticking out of the bag. The people at the station were so nice to me. They made sure I got the first cab to go home after two years in the Pacific. I knew I was home. Later I took advantage of the GI Bill and went to Northeastern University. For three of the four years I rode the train from Union Station to Boston. The conductors were sometimes miserable but were fun. Some of the passengers (including Judges, politicians etc.) were also miserable but I was able to study and on Friday's had a treat when the beautiful girls from Wellsley would board to go home at the Wellsley Station. Do I remember Union Station, you bet I do. I am now 74 and anxious to get off the train at the Station again.
David Lantz - Report this comment
Do I remember Union Station? You bet! I can remember going to Worcester's Union to pick up my Dad when he returned from business trips working for Norton Co. I can remember going to Union Station to hear politicians on whistle stop tours of Massachusetts. I remember a kinder glentler Massachusetts than I have experienced on more recent visits, but the area is never-the-less beautiful! Dave Lantz in Ohio
james coyle - Report this comment
What a pleasure to have found this page. My grandfather and great uncle both worked at Union Station in the 20s. I've only visited Worcester twice (I grew up in California) so it was particularly nice to see a place that was once very familiar to my parents and grandparents. Thank you.
Shirley A.Hunt - Report this comment
I have many fond memories of the Station as that is where I met my friends every morning on the way to Commerce High. It was wonderful seeing the restoration on a recent trip " back home ". As President of a large Company,a vineyard owner and a resident of California for 20 years I still cherish that memory..Thanks for sharing with us ..
Nancy Clark - Report this comment
My grandfather John W. Laskey worked as a elevator man at Union Station in the 1900's. Thank you for the excellant pictures of Union Station.
Jeannine Nault - Report this comment
Growing up in the '70s and '80s in Worcester, I'd hear the stories about the delinquency involved within the wall of this beautiful structure--the good was no longer present amidst the bad and the ugly at that point. As the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of one of Worcester's former leading architects, the structure always interested me greatly adn even more so when I was shown pictures of its heyday complete with the tower and spires. When I attended college in NY in the early '90s, I'd take an Amtrak train that would stop on the track section past the white majestic Union Station towards the current parking lot--I always wished that I was exiting the train through that station at the end of my journey instead of being welcomed back home on cumbersome, and often dangerous in snowy conditions, track railings. When my father sent me the news clipping about the rennovation plans, I was ecstatic thinking that upcoming Worcester generations would have the joys of greeting loved ones within its walls once more. Everyone shoudl have at least one picturesque train station greeting in their scrapbook.
James Farris - Report this comment
I was really happy to hear that the train station is being restored to it's original beauty...I grew up in Worcester in the 1970s. and boy it did not look like it does today. I know live in Cleveland Ohio,When I saw this picture it brought tears to my eyes. It sure is a beautiful place now!
Raymond Blain - Report this comment
I am an HO modelrailroader originally from Holyoke, Mass. Recently saw a few pictures of the restored Worcester Union Station. Awesome! Am considering modeling the station for my HO model railroad. Need pictures of interior and exterior and floorplan. Can you help?
P. Benjamin - Report this comment
I remember Union Station very well. My sister, MaryAnn, worked behind the lunch counter during the mid 50's. By than, the small, enclosed dining area was no longer in use. Each day after school I would walk to Union Station and my sister would put me in the diningroom out of view where I was to sit quietly and do my homework until her shift was up. But many a time I would seek out and go exploring. I would end upstairs where the Worcester Cab Co. had their dispatch office and visit with the dispatcher and listen to her call the drivers with destinations. It was great fun. The best memory though, was the day I arrived to hang with my sister, when right before my eyes, stood Alan Ladd and his tiny little dog. I can only assume now, that he disliked flying. I think I was 11 or so and I was a big fan of Shane. I followed him and to my complete joy he headed straight for the counter. As soon as he sat down, I ran to the side room and jestured to my sister to get me an autograph. She happily obliged. He asked to meet me. I emerged from my hideaway and sat down at the counter right next to him. Alan Ladd was the first movie star I had every encountered. He was handsome and so very kind to this starstuck 11 year old girl. Boy, did I feel like a big shot that day. The autograph still remains one of my treasured possessions.
Charles Arnold - Report this comment
It's great to see Union Station restored to its former splendor. My great grandfather was an accountant and worked at Union Station until his death in 1949. I grew up in Worcester during the 1970's and would frequently ride my bicycle down to the station, stopping to imagine what it looked like inside. Strange, but my most vivid memory of the station then is the old rusted barber shop sign that hung on the left front of the building. Thanks for the opportunity to share my memories.
Joan Fitton - Report this comment
I have many fond memories of Union Station. My Dad worked for the Railway Express Agency and his office was in Union station. I remember going there everyday with my Mom to pick him up from work (in the 60s)--- I can remember entering through the rotunda and laughing with delight when I would jump in the middle of the rotunda and hear the echo. The photo of the interior in 1917 shows the same mahogany benches that I can remember waiting on when we would take out annual trips, with other Railroad Express Agency families, on the New York Central trains.
mary jane conery - Report this comment
I grew up in Worcester in the 40s and 50s. My Dad worked for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad for 37years. The house rang with railroad stories. Union Station to me was the downtown of the world. Dad had many stories about Soldiers coming home from WWII being met by happy Mothers, Wives and Children. One of my most treasured memories is that he said he had met Santa Claus at the Station and asked him for a Snow Shovel for me as I had seen Santa in Denholms, had my photo with him and had forgotton to ask. Dad said Santa only had one shovel left and he would give it to the nicest girl on Brookline St. I couldn't quite picture Santa getting on a train Dad said he did. I did get that shovel. I fondly remember the shoe shine stands, loud announcement of arrivals and departures. Everyone was in a hurry. This is a great web page. Mary J. Cahir Conery
Last year I went to the club inside Union Sta.(2005). It was elegant, the band was excellent, it was a breath of fresh air for someone too old to go to most clubs in Worcester. It was wonderful to be in the train station!! We watched a train come in, we danced, we listended to great Blues.. It is one of my best memories of all times..... What's going to happen to this place? I wish I had the funding to keep it going. There's a market here - is anyone listening and looking???
Does anyone recall when the old Union Station (the VanWare & Brunt station built in the 1870s), with the jaunty Victorian clock tower went down? Any eyewitness accounts? I hear it survived until the 1970s, when it was demolished for the construction of I-290. (damn Ike and his interstates!)
ChuckyG- May 29, 2007 - Report this comment
Looks like the parking garage is going forward, and it's going to cost over $25 million dollars. Only in Worcester...
Clay Gleason- April 28, 2009 - Report this comment
I remember the Union Station well.I lived at Graftn Hill and use to go to the station for burgers and a shake.Sometimes I would skip school, ( Grafton St Jr High) and go to Union Station and take a train to Boston for the day.If mom knew I would have been killed. LOLThey had a few small booths there as well as a she shine stand.We use to buy studs there for our leather jackets and boots.To the left of the station was the Taxi cab stand and across the street was the Crecent Diner.I was glad to see that they had done it over.I live in the Mountains of Virginia now but will always remember Worcester.
david g monahan jr.- September 15, 2010 - Report this comment
union station in in the 80s was spookey to say the least a girlfriend of mine was up on the roof in the middle of the night drinking beer with lord knows who someone soaked her with lighter fluid lit her on fire and pushed her over the side she did not survive im glad it has been restored
Darryl McCaffrey- January 06, 2014 - Report this comment
My GGGrandather, Thomas McCaffrey died due to an accident working the train station. May 15, 1903. Looking for any information on the accident.
Allen Klatsky- October 01, 2014 - Report this comment
I loved watching trains from a young age. I can remember my Dad taking his Mother to the station in the late fall to go to Florida for the winter and my aunt coming from Chicago to visit every summer. I went to North High when it was on Salisbury St., had to take two busses from Lake Ave. When I had the time, I'd walk down from City Hall (when Front St went through), spend some time at the station and walk over to Franklin St. to catch the #14 bus back home.

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